This week #3Points on #PersonalBranding

Taking care of our own career takes time and care. But when I see those lists – “25 tips…,” “30 ways…,” “50 ideas…” – I want to cringe. I don’t find those lists realistic at all. No one can implement even 10 of these things at a time.
So let’s focus. Let’s just work on three things this week.
As someone with over 20 years in the communication business, if I could advised you, at least be sure to do these three things.

  1. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. Over 90% of recruiters look to LinkedIn for potential candidates for open positions.
  2. Comment on relevant industry articles. Take a few moments when you’ve read a good article online to share it and better yet, add a thoughtful comment.
  3. What sets you apart – have the answer in a 1-2 sentence soundbite. Take time to know why you’re unique professionally. What sets you apart from another candidate, co-worker or speakers? Is it the career path you’ve taken so far with valuable skills few have?

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Hello, I'm Jeny. With more than 20 years’ experience in marketing strategy, brand positioning, and content development, I collaborate with clients to develop stragies and action plans to streamline their marketing and improve their sales.

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