5 Business Blog Posts You Can Write This Week

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Making time for your business blog is important to carve out. If you can’t block out time on a weekly basis, consider setting one day a month aside to knock out 4-5 blog posts for the month.

Here are five compelling blog posts to create:

  1. Meet the Staff: If you have not shared an update recently this is a nice one to kick off the year. Include a photo. Highlight loyalty, expertise, fun facts so the overall post conveys a tone of smarts and approachability of you and your staff.
  2. Client Story: Case studies are a great way to show the value your product or service. Highlight details in their use that aren’t a may have not been shared in a brochure or guide. Be sure to ask for a quote form the client and their permission to share their post. With a link to their site, it’s a good promotional opportunity for their business too.
  3. Company Outlook: Give an update on what’s happening in your company over the next 60 days. Trade shows or conferences you’ll be attending, new product lines, any sales events to keep an eye out for, etc. If you do this kind of post, add to your schedule now to do this every two months for the remainder of the year.
  4. 5 Steps to a Better ____: Share your industry expertise by providing tips on one of the issues that often plagues your clients.
  5. Showcase a new feature or update: Part of having a blog is to keep customers updated on key aspects of your business and its offerings. When you have good news or exciting developments, share them!

Custom Blog Content Services

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