Best Content for Client Retention

Given that loyal customers spend 5 – 9 times more than first‐time buyers, neglecting this group is risky.

Clients that have bought from you can also provide valuable insights to help you shape your offering. So, maintaining a relationship could also help you adapt your approach to win more business in the future.

Quick Tip Email Series with Demo Videos

Continuing to educate customers via an email series is a great investment of your time and energy. Set them up by product or product line. Encourage clients to share their feedback, ideas and tips and send those out in future emails. This is also a wonderful way to earn testimonials and product reviews back. Plus, you have a built-in audience who’ll want to hear about upgrades, new products added to your line, etc. I encourage a short video 1-2 minutes for demo’ing some of the features or tips you want to highlight or those that take in visuals more than words. Plus in offers “Face” to the company and improves relations. People buy from people.

Comprehensive User Guides

If you haven’t already develop an online resource center for clients to access materials like in-depth how-to and tip guide for your individual products or service. Combine this effort with the tip above (one full guide of tips broken out into the email series) to help conserve your time and increase your effort.

Customer Thank You with Links

Assume that every client or customer walks out of your store or office with your very important information pieces that never get read beyond this first time. Prepare to send within 3-7 days of their visit a special thank you that includes personal touches, recap of details in the fine print, and links to useful places on your website – maybe that client resource center, FAQs, online customer service, etc. Include an invite to sign up for your educational email series, your client-exclusive webinars, etc.

Email “In Crowd” Newsletter

Be sure your mailing list is segmented with clients and non-customers. This will allow you to send specific email offers and invites to current customers — free upgrade, special discount or conference invitation (many times when you exhibit you’re able to provide free expo-session passes to several people). Always include a promotion of your referral reward program (people tend to forget until the moment they have a person in mind).

Exclusive Client Classes

One of my favorite ways to enhance customer service and provide extra value. A webinar series helps educate plus you can allow customers to take part in Q & A. Three fun ideas: a course around a certain product line; invite an industry guest speaker that few get a chance to hear from; have other clients share their advice/insights on your product or topic.

Case Studies

While a strong case study helps you, it can also help a customer. By providing links back to client’s current site and/or social media it’s a win for them as well for additional linking and attention. Get the clients’ permission of the study; at the same time, request a tesimonial to go along with the case study.

Online Live Support

Great customer service is a rarity these days so it is also now a wonderful way to stand out. According to White House Office of Consumer Affairs, satisfied customers share their experience with 4-6 people, while a dissatisfied customers tell 9-15 people about their negative experience. Implement a live chat support tool onto your site which is more cost effective compared to phone or email support services. Add Twitter responding to your customer service strategy and process for answering questions. Set a policy to respond to all client emails within a few hours. At least this way they know their email was seen and you are working on the issue.


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