54% of marketers feel they’re not maximizing their use of Instagram to achieve their goals. Below are five ideas to help improve the alignment between your goals and Instagram.

1. Ensure Images are High Quality.

It’s all about the visuals on Instagram so having high-quality images of a compelling nature are a must. Poor or blurry pics will reduce your chances of being engaged with. Realize your making a first impression on this platform – they are judging a book by its cover, so make your covers exceptional. One way is to limit your word or quote backgrounds to just two varied colors. Keep photo usage to a similar lighting and/or filter treatment.

2. Posting Goal – 2x a Day

As you develop an Instagram content strategy, realize the ideal number of posting is twice a day, every day. Yes, that’s a lot of content. You can be re-posting but then schedule these out 30 posts apart so they don’t both appear in your feed too close together.

3. Remember to Film Video Vertically

Almost three-fourths of all social media time is spent on a mobile device. Which means you want content that looks good taller versus wider. So the next time you are at an event and planning to film something for your Instagram stories, keep your phone filming vertical. According to Mobile Overview Report, vertical videos have nine times higher completion rates by viewers.

4. Make a Serial Story

Ideal for associations and other non-profits, create a series of posts through Instagram Stories to tell one impact story. Stretch over the course of a day or week to keep people engaged and returning. Ideal time is during your cause’s awareness month/week/day when searches are high for the content.

5. #Work those #Hashtags

Unlike Twitter where hashtags are added mid-sentence, Instagram’s preference is all hashtags at bottom of your post. You can utilize industry-related, location-related, goal-related tags to help organize and categorize your posts. While you can include up to 30 hashtags, 4-8 relevant hashtags is preferred (I know many of the celebrity/popular posts seem to use 30 but it’s not really that advantageous for business). Using the right hashtags versus just popular hastags places your content in front of the right people and that’s really the goal.

Bonus: Realize that when someone shares your Instagram content to Facebook, the hashtags go along too.

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