Found this online last fall and thought it would be a great one to kick off my 2018. I’m striving to be more creative and take some chances so I’ve got different design challenges planned for all of 2018.
For January, is emailing me daily a short creative brief from a “client” to follow and develop.
I’m allowing myself two hours to develop three concepts and then share one of those.
11 down; 19 to go.

CLIENT: Sweets, a candy shop in the UK. I would love for the logo to capture the joys of candy whether it be with an icon, colors, etc. You can try a lollipop, wrapped candy, chocolate, etc. There are really a lot of different things that could represent Sweets, so long as the text “Sweets” is legible from a far distance as this will be on our sign. I would please ask that the words “Candy Shop” are below the main name “Sweets”.