January Design Challenge | #ThirtyLogos | Logo #8

Found this online last fall and thought it would be a great one to kick off my 2018. I’m striving to be more creative and take some chances so I’ve got different design challenges planned for all of 2018.
For January, thirtylogos.com is emailing me daily a short creative brief from a “client” to follow and develop.
I’m allowing myself two hours to develop three concepts and then share one of those.
8 down; 22 to go.

CLIENT: Sparked is a video game news website. For our logo, we’re looking for something that works on a dark background. We’re possibly thinking of something that uses orange, red, or yellow and features a spark, fire, flame, etc. The Sparked brand is all about hot gaming news, so we want our logo to represent that. Feel free to check out a few examples attached.

This was probably the most challenging for me yet. I struggled more than I thought I initially would but there are so many logos out there with a fire-esque symbol that I sat for awhile on just what different “sparks” there were in the world to maybe differentiate and resonate.
I used white for the concept to illustrate a clear icon but obviously several colors could be added into this.

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