Whether limited by time or staff (or both), many organizations are struggling to juggle the work of marketing their business with their actual business. With 20+ years marketing experience, I help organizations of all types manage their communication efforts to be effective AND efficient.

What TKG Delivers

Communication efforts require a distinct voice, strong visuals, and a game plan of consistency to penetrate the marketplace din. Helping a client stand out and be able to keep standing out is what TKG does.


A prospect needs to connect with a brand’s message at least seven times before they’ll take action to purchase. Having a plan to see how these touchpoints can play out is vital for success.


How can we stretch and reshape content to the right marketing channels to reach your targets? Is your brand voice distinct from competitors? TKG can help.


We have about 1.5 seconds to make an impression and hook someone as they go scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, etc. Nothing helps more than a strong visual – fresh and on-brand.

TKG Work

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients who represent a wide variety of industries and business models.

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Kind Words from
Clients and Colleagues

“Jeny is the most talented marketing professional I have ever worked with. She can do it all – strategy, artistry, technology. A great imagination and a joy to work with.”
Stuart McCafferty

Owner, ChargeDefense

“One of her greatest gifts is that she is compassionate, understanding and patient with her clients who may not be technically savvy. She takes the time to explain things in a simple and easy to understand way.”
Bronwyn Davis

Senior Major Accounts Manager, Monster

“[Jeny] combines fresh perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking with pragmatic marketing planning abilities to deliver solutions that are innovative, within budget, reflective of the business and yield the desired results.”
Blaine Kohl

Strategist | Marketing | Business Development, Blaine Kohl Consulting

“[Jeny] has expertise in everything from pitching advertising campaigns and developing communication pieces to producing web and graphic design material. Her range of talent is impressive and her work is a cut above the rest.”
Carrie Owens

Director of Marketing and Communications, EnerNex

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