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The secret sauce of marketing is all in the execution. Anyone can tell you to be on twitter but when to tweet, what to say, what graphic to accompany — all takes finesse. A complete brand story told in a campign involved hundreds of details and the details are how you stand out. That’s why when I talk to clients about their site, brochure or newsletter, I want to be sure the vision, voice and visuals are all there for an effective execution no matter the marketing channel.

Being driven mad by analytics? Frustrated with getting traffic to your website or Facebook page? Can’t tell if social media is doing anything for your business? Whatever is driving you slightly crazy, TKG can help get your marketing madness managed.

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TKG ADVANTAGE: Giraffes have amazing eyesight, which allows them to spot predators coming from far away.
TKG not only can spot potential pitfalls down the road but I pay attention to the details.

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Examples of social media visuals created.

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